• 1950 Bolton Road Northwest
  • Atlanta, GA, 30318
  • United States

 Fall  is  almost  here,  and  you  know  what  that  means? It’s time  for  FBCC’s  Homecoming! Please mark  your  calendars  and  plan  to  join  us  on Sunday,  October  7th  at  10:45  AM for  this  special date.

 This  marks  the  121st  anniversary  of  the  founding  of  our  church  and  we  are  just  getting started!  From  humble  beginnings,  our  church  has  served  as  the  beacon  on  the  hill, shining God’s  light  on  our  community.  He  has  blessed  our  church  in  many  ways  over the  past  121 years,  and  2018  has  been  no  different.  We’ve  added  many  new  members, hosted  over  300 people  at  our  10th  annual  Easter  Egg  hunt,  shared  the  gospel  with 140 children  during  VBS,  supported  Ross  and  Angela  Floyd  in  Bogota,  Colombia  as full-time missionaries, began  a weekly  prayer  time  from  9-10:30  every  Sunday  morning,  and continued  our  men’s  and women’s  Bible  studies.  Our  Clothes  Closet  ministry  continues to  grow  and  has  become  an amazing  ministry  tool  to  meet  the  needs  in  our  community and  build  relationships  with  those that  live  in  our  surrounding  neighborhoods.  We invite you  to  come  to  the  basement  of  the sanctuary  to  see  our  updated  Clothes  Closet.

 Our  pastor,  Clint  Watson,  will  bring  the  gospel  message  from  the  Word  on  this  Sunday morning.  He  and  his  wife,  Peggy,  have  been  such  a  blessing  to  our  church  and  we  are excited  for  you  to  hear  from  him  this  year.  If  you  were  with  us  last  year,  you  heard his vision  for  the  church  and  what  he  is  asking  God  to  do  in  and  through  us  as  we  spread the supremacy  of  God  by  treasuring  Christ  together  and  building  laborers  in  the  local church.  In addition  to  hearing  the  Word  preached,  there  are  rumors  that  Joy  Gilbert  is planning   something  “flashy”  as  a  choir  special,  so  you  won’t  want  to  miss  that.

As  always,  we  hope  everyone  will  bring  a  covered  dish  or  two  as  we  gather  for  lunch under the  big  tent  after  the  service.  Our  Hostesses  and  Deacons  will  be  on  hand, starting  at  10 AM,  to  receive  the  food  and  assist  you  into  the  church.  During  lunch there  will  be  lots  of  fun time  to  relax,  share  old  stories,  and  make  new  memories.

As  you  can  see,  great  things  are  happening  at  First  Baptist  Church  of Chattahoochee...and we  look  forward  to  sharing  them  with  you.

Chairman,  Board  of  Deacons